Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering

Inge Lehmanns Gade 10
8000 Aarhus
Phone: +45 8715 0000

CVR/VAT number: 31 11 91 03
P number:
EAN number: 5798000433854
Place number: 6331

Department Management team

Head of Section
Structural Systems

Kasper Lynge

Deputy Head of Department

Head of Section
Design and Structure

Steffen Petersen

Associate Professor

Department Secretariat

  • Employment of permanent staff
  • Administrative research support
  • Liason Committee (member and secretary)
  • Research Committee (secretary)    

Niklas Braarud Jordal

Secretariat Staff Member

Line Ljungqvist Dvinge

Secretariat Staff Member
  • Employment of part time staff    
  • Guest coordinator    
  • Workzone superuser    
  • Registration of holiday and absence    

Economy and salary



Lillan Andersen

Payroll Staff Member


Controller & project finance administrator

Project finance administrator

Communication and press

  • Typo3 support
  • Web pages
  • Graphics and layout  
  • Press
  • Marketing
  • Research dissemination

Jesper Bruun

Communications partner
  • Press
  • Marketing
  • Research dissemination

HR and PhD partners

HR partner

PhD partner