Locations at CAE

On this page, you will find specific information at the individual location.


To and from Navitas

Inge Lehmanns Gade 10,
8000 Aarhus C
Building number 3210


Parking and bike racks

Bike racks

Bikes must be placed in the bike racks in the basement storage for bikes (level -01). The ramp to the bike storage is in front of the main entrance. There is room for 1,000 bikes. Bikes that are not stored here will be removed.


The car park below the Navitas building consists of two levels. Level -1 is open to the general public with 450 spaces and a payment system. Level -2 is a private car park for the users of the building with 275 spaces. These spaces are clearly marked with the name of the owner. You are only allowed to use the private car park if you have a parking permit. Employees from Aarhus University must use the spaces marked ASE/ENG.

In order to create a parking permit, please send an e-mail to the secretariat at cae@au.dk with the registration number of the car as well as the period of time the parking permit must be valid for.  

The gate for underground parking facility -02 is open on weekdays from 05.00-17.00. Outside this timespan, everyone with a valid access card for Navitas can open the gate without using a passcode. An access card is not necessary to exit the underground parking facility.  

Students are not allowed to use the private car park and cars without a permit will be issued a parking fee or removed at the owner's expense.

Please notice that you are not guaranteed a parking space at level -2 even though you have a parking permit. Alternative parking can be found at level -1, DOKK 1 or at the Aarhus School of Architecture, Nørreport 20 (the car park has a payment system).

Guest parking

If you have guests visiting, they must park in the public car park (level -1). Please notice that your guests must pay for the parking. Alternatively, you can create a guest parking permit online for your guest so he or she can park at level -2.

Please notice that your guest is not guaranteed a parking space. If there are no available ASE/ENG spaces, your guest must find somewhere else to park, for example in the public car park at level -1.

Access to Navitas

Opening hours Navitas

The main entrance is open Monday-Thursday from 7.00-17.00 and Friday from 7.00-16.15. Outside these hours, you can only access the building by using your access card with pin code followed by #. At the main entrance, the card reader is placed to the left of the doors. You enter the building via the left door. When leaving the building, press the exit button on one of the two doors.

Access to elevators

The sliding doors to the double elevators in the parking basement at level -02 are open Monday-Thursday from 07.00-17.00 and Friday from 07.00-16.15. Outside these hours, you must use your access card with pin code followed by #.

The small elevator is only for employees and can only be accessed by using the access card.

The goods lift is reserved for operating staff and delivery of goods. 

Access to the individual floors

The sliding doors at level 03 and 04 are open on week days from 07.00-16.00. Level 05 is open Monday-Thursday from 07.30-16.00 and Friday from 07.30-15.00. Outside these hours, you must use your access card with pin code followed by #.

The bike cellar is open on week days from 06.30-17.00. Outside these hours, you must use your access card with pin code followed by #. 

Access card and keys

Contact the secretariat if you need an access card or a key to Navitas.

Building service and maintenance

Facility Management (FM)

If you experience problems, faults or imperfections in the building, please contact FM situated close to the main entrance. Here, you can also find information on how to contact FM outside of opening hours.

Office supplies, mail and cardboard

In the mail room (room 04.220), you can find a small selection of office supplies and envelopes.

Mail and courier services

You can collect your mail in the mail room (room 04.220). Here, you can also find a tray for mail that you wish to send. Read more about courier services in the left menu.


Each employee is responsible for ensuring that cardboard from packages etc. is disposed of correctly.

You must dispose of cardboard in the cardboard container behind the building operations office.


All employees have access to the labs and workshops, but you are only allowed to enter these rooms if you have an errand. You do not open the doors for others and you must respect the rules relating to the areas including the working environment guidelines. Activities and use of equipment must be approved by the room responsible.

Students are granted access through the room responsible. The room responsible sends an email with the student's name, student number and period of access to Lene Birksø Bødskov, lbb@eng.au.dk. Access to the rooms can be revoked by the room responsible if the rules are not followed.

Smoking and e-cigarettes

Smoking is only allowed outside the building in the marked areas.

Smoking including e-cigarettes is not allowed in the Navitas building, in the atria or on the terraces. Any type of smoke or steam will activate the smoke detectors in the building.

Also, the users of the building will experience inconveniences if these rules are not respected as the ventilation system has inlets in the building's facade, and smoke may also come in through open windows.

Skejby Nordlandsvej 301

To and from Skejby Nordlandsvej

Skejby Nordlandsvej 301
8200 Aarhus N
Building number 2330


There are free parking spaces available in front of the building.

Access to the building

You must use your access card to enter the building. Please contact the department if you need access.

Office supplies

Office supplies are at the end of the corridor next to the printer.