You need to check your spam filter the following time (Photo: Lars Kruse)

2021.09.03 | Staff

Remember to check your spam filter

A new technical solution is being rolled out at AU to protect your inbox against fraudulent emails. Until the solution has been fully implemented, you should keep an extra eye on your spam filter.

Brightspace has now replaced Blackboard as AU's university-wide learning platform.

2021.08.18 | Staff

Brightspace has launched

When autumn semester classes will begin in just a few weeks, Blackboard will be history. From now on, all course content will be available on Brightspace, AU’s new learning platform. Help is available from CED if you need help in getting your courses ready in Brightspace.

The dean wishes you all a lovely, well-deserved and sunny summer holiday! Photo: Melissa B. K. Yildirim

2021.07.06 | Staff

The dean's summer greeting 2021

The last semester was characterised by coronavirus restrictions but also by the beginning of a slow and safe return to something resembling normal life. The last six months were also characterised by a difficult cost-saving process, all the while Technical Sciences was establishing itself as a new faculty. The summer holiday is just around the…

Photo Lars Kruse, AU Communication

2021.07.05 | Staff

Closing weeks in the department secretariat + Navitas info

Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering

After the summer holiday, AU's learning platform will no longer be called Blackboard, but Brightspace. And now teaching staff can start building this autumn's courses. Photo: Lars Kruse.

2021.06.22 | Staff

Now you can build your autumn courses in Brightspace

Now you can access autumn courses in Brightspace, the platform that will replace Blackboard after the summer holiday.

Credit AU photo

2021.06.10 | Staff

Status regarding cutbacks at Technical Sciences

On Monday 17 May, consultation letters regarding planned dismissal were issued to 30 employees, corresponding to almost 27 full-time positions. A total of approx. 80 employees have been affected by the cutbacks to varying degrees.

Credit Scott Graham for Unsplash

2021.06.10 | Staff

Brightspace: Take part in workshops and get support

AU's new learning platform, Brightspace, is now open and accessible to all teaching staff and course administrators. Centre for Educational Development (CED) are ready to help you getting set up in the new system for the upcoming start of term. There will be workshops specifically tailored for teaching staff at Tech as well as online support.

Credit Hannes Johnson, Unsplash

2021.06.10 | Staff

How to handle spam emails in your inbox

AU is currently under attack by a wave of spam emails with unpleasant and inappropriate content. You are encouraged to report the spam emails in Outlook.

Credit Pexels

2021.05.26 | Staff

The first teachers have tested Brightspace: “It was a pretty easy transition”

Aarhus University is switching from Blackboard to Brightspace. A number of teachers from the Faculty of Technical Sciences have tested the new learning management system in a pilot project. In the following, two teachers present their experiences, and provide tips on how to get started on Brightspace.

Photo Ida Jensen, AU.

2021.05.11 | Staff

Registration for the 2021 DHL Relay Race now open

Aarhus University will once again participate in the DHL Relay Race, and the registration is now open for all employees. It’s time to dust off your trainers and mark your calendar for a cosy evening with your colleagues.

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